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We have given our classes a makeover and will be starting the new classes on September 5th!

You can see the new schedule HERE

Our classes were created for our rehab patients to maintain their progress after they have competed a physical rehab program.  In order to ensure our patients have access to a spot in our classes,  class memberships will only be available to the general public until Sept 15th, 2017.  Any current client who has a hold on their membership must reactivate their membership by Sept 15th or they will be unable to maintain their membership rate.

Class memberships will only available to the public until Sept 15th, 2017. When you join this exclusive 6 month membership you will receive:

  • 1 month free with a 6 month membership ($249 Value)
  • Option to renew a 6 month contract after the current contract expires
  • 2 Private Pilates sessions to be used before initiating classes to ensure client safety with the equipment, as well as an understanding of Pilates principles ($170 value)
  • Price lock at $189
  • Eliminated Initiation Fee ($149 value)
  • Unlimited Mytime® Pilates; giving you the use of our Pilates studio during open hours when classes are not being held ($149/month = $894 value)

This 6 month membership is being offered for a limited time at only $189 per month (saving you $60 per month from our regular 1 month unlimited class price), with an added $1462 with of incentives! 

To join click here


We are making it easy to stay hydrated and healthy with our Nutritional IV Therapy Sessions!

From now until the end of September, when you purchase a package of 5 Nutritional IV therapy sessions you will receive one free! Purchase a package of 10 nutritional IV therapy sessions and receive 2 free! 

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Each session allows you to relax in our full body massage chair as the nurturing vitamins and fluids are received by the body.  

Learn more about our IV Nutritional Therapy program