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Private Pilates Sessions (1 hour)

Private Pilates Reformer Classes Scottsdale

Take your Pilates practice to another level with a private Pilates session. During this time you
will focus on the deeper aspects of the Pilates principles like breath; core engagement;
lengthening and toning the body; control and precision of motion; and mindfulness of your body.
This hour is specifically for you and the instructor to work together reaching your Pilates goals.
Many Pilates accessories and equipment are used such as:

  • The Pilates Reformer
  • The Pilates Tower
  • The Pilates Cadillac/Trapeze table
  • The Pilates Corealign
  • The Pilates Chair
  • The Pilates Barrel
  • The Pilates Arc
  • The Pilates Circle
  • The Pilates MOTR