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Boutique Pilates Classes

All group fitness classes require the participants to undergo a minimum of 2 private equipment sessions prior to signing up for a class. This is to ensure the participants understand and feel comfortable using our equipment during group instruction.
Toesox or a similar grip-able foot cover is required for all group classes. Toesox are available for purchase at the studio, if needed.

The R/T Power Split:

Balance your Pilates practice by combining reformer and tower work together in one class. This class starts with 30 minutes of reformer work, followed by 30 minutes of tower work to keep you sharp. There will never be a lull in your fitness routine when you incorporate this ever-changing, always entertaining class. All Pilates levels are welcome!

Step 1 Reform(er)!:

This reformer class is a great all-around class that is suitable for almost anyone. This class focuses on reformer exercises that are optimal for:

  • Someone in the first stages of their Pilates practice
  • Someone who is getting back into their Pilates practice and needs to rebuild their principles
  • Someone who may have a special condition that requires some exercise modifications
  • Any seasoned Pilates participant who wants to come back and refine their base knowledge of reformer exercises.

Step 2 Reform(er)!:

This Pilates reformer class is a great way to expand on your Pilates principles and add more of an in-depth Pilates workout. You will wonder where the time went, as the intense focus and fun of this class will make the 60 minutes slip quickly away. Due to the intensity of the class, participants must have instructor approval, or a minimum of 2 months of Pilates experience.

Hour of Tower:

Get directly connected with the springs in this full hour of Pilates tower exercises. We take you from standing to laying and everything else in-between as we lengthen and strengthen every area of the body. All Pilates levels are welcome!

Step 1 + (a Little Spice):

In this class, we take a Step 1 reform(er) class and add some spice to give you a deeper, more advanced Pilates session. You must be able to confidently participate in a Step 1 reform(er) class in order to be able to take this class.

Tri-Lates Hour:

Challenge yourself in this “anything goes” hour of ADVANCED Power Pilates. Tri-lates hour uses 3 pieces of Pilates equipment: the reformer, tower and chair to work your entire body with ways you may have never imagined! Every layer of every exercise is maximized to ensure a total mind and body workload.

Mat +:

This one hour mat class will focus on the principles of Pilates, while also adding some fun (and depth) with some of our favorite accessories! Foam rollers, Pilates circles, rubber bands and thera-balls are just a few of the fun props we like to use. Bring your Pilates mat routine to a whole new level with Mat+!

Loose! :

Unless you are a contortionist, you could likely use some more flexibility and range of motion. Loose! is a 60 minute session of stretching and joint range of motion techniques that will help even the stiffest of muscles and joints get on the right path to better motion. Flexibility is extremely important when it comes to the biomechanics of the body. Each muscle controls joint motion by pulling on the areas of attachment. If a group of muscles are pulling too much or too little on the areas they attach to, it will alter the biomechanics of that area. This, in turn, can affect the biomechanics of other surrounding joints, leading to an entire cascade of problems. Maintaining flexibility is one of the most important things you can do, physically, for your body. You will be amazed at how increasing flexibility can change the way your body feels and how it performs. This is a very popular class with professional athletes and golfers.