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Pilates- Rehab, Classes, Private Sessions, Duets and Mytime Pilates®

At our N. Phoenix Pilates studio, AZ Body Mechanics offers Pilates rehab, boutique Pilates equipment classes, private Pilates equipment sessions, duet Pilates equipment sessions, and Mytime Pilates®.

Each session is one hour in length and focuses on the main Pilates principles: muscle balance, core strengthening, proper breathing, lumbopelvic stability, flexibility, scapular stability and balance/co-ordination. All Pilates instructors are trained for both fitness Pilates and Pilates rehab, which allows for a more thorough teaching of proper biomechanics throughout the Pilates movements. This helps to ensure maximal results for pain management, getting and staying fit, and also prevention of injuries caused by performing an exercise improperly.

Private Pilates sessions include the use of Pilates tower, Pilates barrel, cadillac/trapeze table, Pilates reformer, Pilates accessories and Pilates chair work.