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Naturopathic Care

Comprehensive Naturopathic Care in Phoenix

Are you ready for another opinion? Tired of doctors spending less than 5 minutes with you only to shove another prescription in your face? Are you not feeling heard or like everyone simply dismisses your concerns? Do you want other options besides medications or surgery? Then yes, you are ready for a licensed naturopathic medical doctor to help you on your path to optimal health. You will work together to create an individualized, comprehensive and holistic treatment that fits your needs, lifestyle, and most importantly, your concerns.
Heal and protect your body naturally with the tried and tested power of nature. We offer many natural solutions to drugs and surgery such as

  • Bio-chemical assessment with on-site blood lab and nutritional guidance for correction
  • Condensed Superfood Options, which allows you the benefits of eating superfoods in a condensed way, opposed to taking an ineffective supplement made in a laboratory.
  • Nutritional IV Therapy with Massage
  • Comprehensive Hormone, Adrenal (stress) and Allergy Panels
  • Prolotherapy
  • Natural Joint Injections to eliminate pain and minimize degeneration
  • Trigger Point Regression Therapy
  • Advanced Genetic Testing to find underlying causes to chronic conditions
  • Medical Weight Loss Programs

Trigger Point Regression – The Answer To Pain Relief!

What Are Trigger Points?

Simply put, trigger points are areas (usually in the upper back, shoulders, and neck) where the muscle has become unhappy and has locked into a spasm. Often times, people can feel them and they are usually referred to as “knots”. Pressing on them can cause a great deal of pain and tenderness, which can even refer to different parts of the body.

What Are Trigger Point Regression?

Well, they’re magic in a syringe. A solution is customized to each patient’s needs based on their personal history. This solution is then injected directly into the center of the trigger point, with the intent to render it inactive. Pain relief is experienced immediately and can last days to weeks, or can even be permanent, depending on the severity. Typically multiple treatments are needed.

How Do I Know If I Need Them?

Do you endure tension headaches or migraines? Brave through the ache of fibromyalgia? Perhaps you’re a frequent gym goer who puts their muscles through the ringer. Maybe you work an office job 40 hours a week, hunched over a desk and computer. Anyone who suffers from pain in their upper back, neck, and shoulders (regardless of the reason) is a candidate for trigger point injections!

Nutritional Consulting

If topics like “superfoods” , “clean eating”, “organic vs non-organic”, etc.  are making it difficult for you to approach something as simple as food, we are here to help.  After you’ve filled out a diet diary, you will sit down for a 30 minute nutritional consultation. Using the diet diary as a tool, we will take steps to help you optimize your nutrition. Sometimes supplement recommendations will be made in order to make sure you are treating your body the absolute best you can.  There are also a array of biochemical tests we can employ within our facility to get a better idea as to how your body responds to the foods you already eat, the hormones your body are producing or not producing, as well as the overall biochemistry of what is going on internally.  This allows a full picture of your internal health in order to address any underlying conditions that you were unaware of.