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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractor Scottsdale, Phoenix

At AZ Body Mechanics, we look at the body as a whole. This is why there is such a thorough approach to your assessment. The body should be looked at as a sum of its parts, so it is important to evaluate the body’s physical structure (including muscles, joints, internal structures etc.), biochemical structure (like hormone and inflammatory imbalances) and mental well being.

The doctors at AZ Body Mechanics have been trained to utilize only the safest, evidence supported treatment methods, which means patients get the most up-to date, science based treatments available. At AZ Body Mechanics, the focus is meeting patients’ healthcare or wellness goals as efficiently as possible. Each treatment protocol is individualized to each person’s specific needs. Most of the treatment plans involve only 1-4 visits in order to get you back on track!

Chiropractic Care is available at AZ Body Mechanics as a singular service or part of an integrated health-care approach. AZ Body Mechanics offers several natural therapies that help make your care is as efficient as possible. These therapies are performed by a member of our medical team and may include:

  • Medical Massage and fascial release therapy
  • Tissue regeneration therapy through the Stem Cell Institute of America
  • Trigger point regression therapy
  • Nutritional program with Condensed Superfood Options
  • Non-invasive medical procedures
  • Customized relaxation massages
  • Pilates rehab and Yoga rehab/ Physical Therapy
  • Natural Weight loss programs
  • Food sensitivity and inflammatory analysis of the blood
  • Nutritional IV infusions
  • Pilates equipment classes for overall fitness