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PRP Therapy & Facials

PRP Therapy & Facials Scottsdale, Phoenix What is PRP Therapy? PRP therapy is the next step above prolotherapy. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma is essentially the part of your blood…

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Naturopathic Care

Heal and protect your body naturally with the tried and tested power of nature. We offer many natural solutions to drugs and surgery such as

  • Bio-chemical assessment and nutritional recommendations
  • Condensed Superfood Options, which allows you the benefits of eating superfoods in a

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Physical Therapy

Whether you are trying to get out of pain, are a pre/post surgical patient or have suffered an injury, AZ Body Mechanics is your one-stop-shop for physical health. Working with the doctors and staff at AZ Body Mechanics, you will make and reach your goals through evidence based programs.

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Medical Weight Loss Programs

HCG Program The Diet On the hCG Plan, you will have to follow a precise diet in order to achieve long lasting and healthy results. The beauty of utilizing hCG…

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Medical Pilates and Yoga Rehabilitation

Most physical health care professionals know that Pilates rehab is the leading edge of rehabilitation and fitness. Pilates is based on functional, refined and balanced motion, -- the most important principles of rehabilitation from orthopedic injuries and the prevention of future injuries. Pilates Rehab can be used as a tool to rehab many common orthopedic problems.

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