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Contemporary, Natural Medical Center in Phoenix

Welcome to AZ Body Mechanics, a place for healing the body with the most advanced, effective forms of natural medicine. We believe that being healthy should be your top priority. We offer the most thorough approach to understanding our patients on the inside and outside. By looking at all of the elements of the human body as an interconnected system, our team of physicians and medical professionals come together to customize the most effective, natural treatment programs for each individual patient.

Why AZ Body Mechanics?

Integrity is the most important standard we uphold at AZ Body Mechanics. The medical team at AZ Body Mechanics prides itself on creating the most quality driven, customized, natural medicine care plans for our patients. AZ  Body Mechanics offers very effective forms of natural medicine that have the potential to replace the need for toxic drugs and invasive surgery in most situations. At AZ Body Mechanics we believe that nature can frequently provide much better treatment options then man-made treatments.  The goal of our natural medical program is to empower our patients to recognize problems and make lasting, positive changes for their overall well-being. We show our patients the path and give them the tools to regain a better quality of life.


  • Sharon was awesome! She was knowledgeable and skilled! She listened attentively and genuinely tried to address the issues of pain and injury that I was having and followed up to see if it had helped to reduce or alleviate the pain. She took the time to recommend stretches and icing at home as well. Excellent experience! I would go back as well as recommend it to friends!

  • Second year going in the daily basis to the Pilates Studio and the service, the classes and the instructors improve constantly. Very satisfied with the constant update in classes, the teachers challenge us constantly and the service of the Studio always excellent. Great place to begin the practice of Pilates as well for the advance practitioners.

  • LOVE this place. Jeni is a phenomenal Pilates instructor and has helped me tremendously. The massage therapists are also very talented. Sherry and Yarnell provide extremely therapeutic massages. They provide physical therapy, rehab, classes and chiropractic care. It's a one stop health spot!

  • AZ Body Mechanics has been the best place for me to feel better. I can get one on one training to strengthen my core muscles, for retraining muscle memory, and stretching muscles to ease my back and leg pain. I couldn't work with a gym personal trainer anymore because of all the pain I was having in my low back and leg. Body Mechanics is the answer if you are having any muscle pain issues. They also have massage therapists who know how to help with muscle pain. They are great at their jobs!

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